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Bitcoin Dominance

All cryptocurrencies follow Bitcoin's price action. This is because nearly half of the entire value of cryptocurrency is held in Bitcoin alone. This is known as Bitcoin Dominance or BTC.D. In this article we explain why bitcoin dominance is important

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 13, 2021

More Corporate BTC Adoption Could be Around the Corner!

BTC, Bitcoin, Apple, PayPal, Amazon, Twitter, BTC adoption, Bitcoin Adoption

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 2, 2021

BTC on Balance Sheets: Publicly Traded Corporate Crypto Adoption is Ramping Up

This article Describes the adoption of BTC by publicly traded companies.

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 30, 2021

The Lightning Network Explained: The Solution to Fast and Feeless Bitcoin Transactions

This article gives explains how the Lightning Network allows for fast, low cost, and secure Bitcoin transactions

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 29, 2021

Coinbase Review

This article offers a brief summary of Coinbase, including the company's history, security, and fees

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 23, 2021

Bitcoin ATMs: One of the Most Bullish Moves in Crypto

This article discusses the rise of Bitcoin and crypto ATMs

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 9, 2021

BTC Stock to Flow

In this article we explain how the stock to flow of bitcoin works

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 31, 2021

Bank of America is Gearing Up for Bitcoin Futures Trading

This article highlights Bank of America's bitcoin futures trading

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 17, 2021

Grayscale Trust is Unlocking Over 16,000 Bitcoins worth of GBTC!

Grayscale Trust Is unlocking 16,240 Bitcoins of GBTC on July 18th How will the unlocking effect the price of Bitcoin and GBTC?

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 13, 2021

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

The Taproot upgrade is a major upgrade to Bitcoin due to be released in November 2021. It is the first upgrade to Bitcoin since 2017

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 5, 2021

Dispelling the Energy FUD

Can we just drop it already...

Killer Whale Crypto Jun 13, 2021

El Salvador Votes in Bitcoin as Legal Tender!!

What a milestone for the first and largest decentralized monetary system!

Killer Whale Crypto Jun 9, 2021

How to Read a Bitcoin Chart

If you are new to crypto read this article!

Killer Whale Crypto May 27, 2021

Why is Killer Whale Putting in a Laddered Order for 250 Shares of GBTC??

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)

Dylan S May 16, 2021

What is the Difference Between Bitcoin and Litecoin?

A little history lesson with a chart at the end!

Killer Whale Crypto May 13, 2021

Give Me this Day My Daily Gain Bitcoin

April Showers will Bring May Flowers! History begins again in Q2 2021

Dylan S Apr 7, 2021

BTC at the Pattern Completion Zone of Bearish Cypher Pattern

Let me show you how opposing factors can sometimes get a little tricky!

Dylan S Mar 9, 2021

Technical Outlook for BTC

Insight into todays BTC Correction

Dylan S Feb 22, 2021

Ethereum Comparison to Bitcoin ETH/BTC

ETH is attempting to break a resistance level from January 2019. This is an extremely promising sign that Ethereum will begin to out-perform Bitcoin

Killer Whale Crypto Feb 20, 2021

Potential Outcomes for Bitcoin in 2021!

There are really only a few directions that crypto can go this year. 2020 was an incredible year for the Fundamental standpoint of why Bitcoin and Crypto is changing the world right in front of our eyes. I find it absolutely astounding, that even in

Ancient Knowledge Feb 10, 2021

BTC Hidden Bullish Divergence... Noice!

Bitcoin divergence? Killer whale crypto trading has you covered.

Killer Whale Crypto Feb 2, 2021

Will Bitcoin Stay or Will Bitcoin Go!

Bitcoin dominance to stay above resistance $33,500? Technical analysis on BTC crypto.

Killer Whale Crypto Jan 31, 2021

Bitcoin Capitulation vs. Dollar Index Rebound

Bitcoin prices in comparisons to the USD. Use these metrics to guide your investing strategy.

Killer Whale Crypto Jan 11, 2021

Potential Outcomes for Bitcoin in 2021

What will the price of bitcoin be in 2021? The crypto currency market looks strong. Check out our market analysis.

Killer Whale Crypto Jan 5, 2021

Uncharted Territory for BTC/USDT

Bitcoin bull flags, should you be scared? See how BTC can react in this trading market.

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 31, 2020

The Power of CONTROL: This is a MUST READ

Great investors have control. Are you able to make smart controlled investing moves in the crypto trading market?

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 24, 2020

Trader Psychology Printed on 1 Hour BTC/USDT Chart

What is dollar cost averaging in crypto trading? It can help your trading strategy, by holding your investment and getting greater returns.

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 21, 2020

Falling Wedge Consolidation on Bitcoin

Bitcoin consolidation is happening. Learn about this falling wedge technical analysis and how you can sue it to trade.

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 15, 2020

A Bitcoin candle is worth a THOUSAND Words

What can a candle tell you about the bulls and the bears trading crypto? It can tell a lot.

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 10, 2020

Bitcoin Finishes with All Time Highest Weekly Candle Close

Bitcoin has it's highest weekly candle! Can bitcoin supply meet the demand?

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 7, 2020

Oh Bitcoin how do I love thee so.. I can count the ways.

Square, Paypal, Micro Strategies and Greyscale are impacting the Bitcoin weekly parabolic trend.

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 6, 2020

OK Friends

The Bitcoin uptrend is the most exuberant seen in the past 3 years and the institutional interest are purchasing crypto daily.

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 5, 2020

Bitcoin hit its ALL TIME HIGH

We are fully immersed into a Dollar Cost Averaging Blue Sky Breakout

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 30, 2020

Oh Boy, this is No Bueno

How do hanging man candles work? What does that mean for bitcoin and crypto trading?

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 29, 2020


Crypto and Bitcoin trading is not going away. You are never late to the game.

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 24, 2020

Well Look at That!!!

Bitcoin market cap refers to the total value of all the Bitcoin that has been issued, and it hit an All Time High!

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 18, 2020

Daily Bearish Deep Crab Formation on BTC/USDT.

Bearish Patterns in Bullish Trends can often underperform or fail entirely

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 17, 2020

Extreme Volatility

Parabolic runs are unpredictable. There could be some crazy crypto action ahead

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 14, 2020

For A Bearish Outlook

Thinking like everyone but yourself while trading in a crypto market.

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 12, 2020

Sizing Up Bitcoin

Bitcoin is in the middle of an incredible opportunity with asymmetric returns.

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 6, 2020

Bullish Engulfing Candle Close on BTC Monthly Chart!!

This is the best thing I have seen from bitcoin in the past 3 years.

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 1, 2020

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