Bitcoin Miami Recap


The world’s largest cryptocurrency convention to date, Bitcoin Miami, proved to be a fantastic networking opportunity for hundreds of crypto based businesses, whether they ran a booth out on the floor, or wondered throughout the convention as the Killer Whale team did. The sheer size of the event was truly remarkable; however, we were able to cover most of it. In this piece, we will look at some of the projects that we encountered.


One of the biggest focuses at Bitcoin Miami was Mining. There were all types of mining companies on the floor, selling everything, from GPU miners, to full scale ASIC mining farm installations.



The Deep

One of the coolest parts of Bitcoin Miami is undoubtably the Deep. The Deep is the area of the convention center that can only be accessed by a VIP band or “whale pass.” In the Deep, you’ll find complimentary high-end food and drink of all sorts of varieties, along with various other amenities. The Deep also offers exclusive meeting rooms where whales can reserve private one-on-one meetings and interviews with the speakers.

whale tales.jpg




Bitcoin Miami is an event like no other, regardless of what type of pass you use to attend the conference. We urge everyone to attend Bitcoin Miami if you can, because it is a wealth of information in our ever-evolving industry!

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