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Cardano enabled smart contract capabilities on September 12th, 2021 and we are already seeing exciting new Dapp development on its blockchain! In this article we will take a look at Ardana, SundaeSwap, Empowa, and Meld. ...

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 18, 2021

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How to Download Killer Whale Free Strategy and Template on Cryptohopper

In this video you will see how to add Killer Whale Free Strategy and Killer Whale Free Template to your account.

How to Add Credits and a Subscription to your Cryptohopper Account

In this video you will see how to quickly add credits and an Explorer subscription to your Cryptohopper account.

Stop-Loss Hunting

Stop-loss hunting can greatly affect the price action of assets. Stop-loss hunting is a technique us...

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 16, 2021

All About Arbitrage: Exchange Arbitrage

Arbitrage has existed in finance for an incredibly long time. Arbitrage is an essential part of ever...

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 15, 2021

Algorand Update!

Algorand has Gone through many changes within the last year. Algorand has formed many advantageous p...

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 14, 2021

Bitcoin Dominance

All cryptocurrencies follow Bitcoin's price action. This is because nearly half of the entire value ...

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 13, 2021

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Being new to crypto I had no idea what I was getting into. Recently divorced I found myself with a new found capital. I decided to start playing around with cryptocurrency. At first I was doing manual trades on coinbase and thought I would be a long term trader. Well being an addict by nature I quickly for sucked into the craze lottery mentality.

After a time I learned about cryptohopper and started bot trading, although better than manual there was still allot to learn. My goal with crypto was to get to 100k and start to take a passive income of about 1% a month and let the rest roll. In 2020 I lost about 10k on my own, with a starting capital of about 50k.

Towards the end of the year I found the kw strategies and have not looked back. I made it to 100k 3 months in, which is insane. Doing so well me and my fiancee as using a bit if the profits to fund our wedding in May. I have reduced my strategy to just premium signals as I am not a deep diver on charts and nurdy stuff and it is overall less str we than watching it every day. Hope to stay with kw as long as they will have me, to the moon and beyond.

- Todd M.


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When I first started using crypto hopper I had a lot of questions and nobody to ask, not a lot of my friends in real life are into crypto, then I found the Killer Whale team on the telegram channel wh...

- Alex Young

Getting into the crypto market for the first time with no trading experience was really scary, I made some good moves followed by moves twice as bad! Fortunately, the Killer Whale bot & community taug...

- Kaiser Drakkor

Why do I recommend Killer Whale strategy or signal? Because it simply does what is says in the description but has an important extra feature. Number one is that the owner Dylan always tries to better...

- Berend Btoje

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