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Recommended Balance

$1,000 - $10,000+


If you're new to Automated Trading or want to test out Killer Whale before subscribing to one of our products, Killer Whale Free Strategy is a good place to get your feet wet! Killer Whale Free Strategy also doubles as an integral component to building a trading AI to Killer Whale Specifications.

Killer Whale Free Strategy is a general-purpose strategy that utilizes our advanced technology to pinpoint the best market conditions to buy and sell your favorite coins and tokens.

Killer Whale Free Strategy is one of the most popular strategies within the Cryptohopper marketplace.

Free Strategy is an aggressive strategy that aims for 5-20% profit on positions when using the one of our Classic Templates. Here is an example of a backtest on down trending AAVE/USDT for April 13th - May 3rd 2022.

Backtest Settings for AAVE/USDT:

  • Sell Based on Strategy ON
  • Take Profit at 20%
  • Trailing Stop-Loss Percentage at 2%
  • Arm Trailing Stop-Loss at 7%
  • Trailing Stop-Buy OFF

Free Strategy Backtest.png