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Gain BTC strategy

$24.99 / 6 Months



Recommended Balance

$1,000 - $10,000+


Incredible volatility is what Gain BTC strategy thrives on. We use DCA and Shorting settings to continuously participate in top market pairs to Gain BTC. When an assets price is dropping in comparison to BTC the DCA settings will average your cost down. This strategy is also equipped with a robust sell strategy to enter into short positions once an assets price has outpaced BTC or has a strategic play on gaining more of the original asset for the next rounds of price action.

Simply put, Killer Whale Gain BTC is designed to increase the amount of Bitcoin in your account by trading that Bitcoin for assets that are likely to temporarily outpace the price of Bitcoin. Killer Whale Gain BTC then takes those gains and uses them to immediately buy back more Bitcoin than you initially started with, for the same amount of capital.

Killer Whale Gain BTC also increases the amount of Bitcoin in your portfolio when Bitcoin is in a downtrend. As the price of Bitcoin drops, Killer Whale Gain BTC will sell Bitcoin into other cryptocurrencies that are expressing more stable tendencies. when Gain BTC determines that the price of Bitcoin is once more swinging into an upward trend, the Strategy Buys back into Bitcoin while it is at a lower price.

Using Killer Whale Gain BTC ensures that you are consistently accumulating as much Bitcoin as possible, to take the fullest advantage of Bitcoin’s long-term performance!

Settings Backtest for LUNA/USDT:

  • Sell Based on Strategy ON
  • Take Profit at 100%
  • Trailing Stop-Loss Percentage at 2.5%
  • Arm Trailing Stop-Loss at 10%

Gain BTC backtest LUNA.png