All Strategies and Signals

Premium signal

$20.00 / Month


  • 100% Copy Trading
  • Hand Placed Signals
  • Custom Macro Target Ranges
  • Alerts to custom trades
  • Premium Instructions and Insights
  • Access to Discord Channel


Recommended Balance

$1,000 - $10,000+


Killer Whale Premium Signals is a one-of-a-kind copy trading signal service on the Cryptohopper platform! Every Killer Whale Premium signal and profit target is 100% launched by hand.

Killer Whale Premium Signals is the top signal service on Cryptohopper because Killer Whale employs time tested trading practices combined with expert technical and fundamental analysis to determine exactly where and when to place every Premium trade and profit target. Using Killer Whale Premium signals gives you the advantage of navigating the markets exactly like Killer Whale.

Killer Whale Premium Signals also includes access to the following channels on our Killer Whale Discord:

  • Premium Signal Support
  • Premium Signal Instructions
  • Premium Signal Talk