The Power of CONTROL: This is a MUST READ

Killer Whale Crypto
Killer Whale Crypto
March 10, 2021, 1:41 PM UTC

Great investors have control. Are you able to make smart controlled investing moves in the crypto trading market?

There are many things I need to say today, let me start by telling you about the Power of Control when it comes to investing. You want to have as much Control over Your Investments as possible. Every move must be calculated and documented carefully. A Plan must be in place and there are rules to follow in any type of market. Cryptocurrency is no different! Investing without a plan of action as traders will be a swift and immediate downfall. I do not care what market you are in if you have no plan this usually means... the ride does not last long.

Why Does the Killer Whale use Cryptohopper?

Well as an Investor, I'm a bit of a control freak. The Power of Control compels me, as it should to you as well. We can not Control the Market Movements, but there are so many other factors we can control!

Do you want an Accurate Data feed and the Power to make educated market decisions with fully integrated tracking of unlimited positions on any major exchange you choose? Well hell yeah I do, please sign me up. Not only that! Would you like custom Algorithms and AI Technology at your fingertips to help you streamline the parameters of how you invest into a Highly Speculative Market driven primarily by Trader Psychology... Stop, seriously how much? As little as $20/mo... to have 100% Power and Control to the way you invest into an un-tapped and un-tamed asset class... Umm, take my money..

Sorry little rant there. All I am saying is that this is a serious game we play here. We put real scratch on the line every day and some days we hit a 7 and crap out. As is life, we will rise again tomorrow out of the ashes and have learned something new. When looking at red and instead of getting worked up or upset you learn something new and soldier on. I can guarantee you wont be so easily swayed the next time. If your hoppers are down today and you are out of start balance you have learned a lesson in patience. Harsh reality of the crypto mistress is she giveth and she taketh away.

The best part about it all, is that it is entirely possible to learn how to use the tools in front of you! Once you get the hang of it there is no limit to the possibilities. You have the ability to control the path that is right for you as an investor. This game takes some incredibly thick skin at times, but the longer you play the easier it is to win... over and over again. Why?

The Power of Control

Now that is out of the way, onto some charts and executing a plan:

When determining the overall outlook of any Cryptocurrency we must ask ourselves one question first. What is going on with Bitcoin and what information can we collect from the action of its metrics? There are only three directions any chart can go.. Up... Down.. or Sideways. How will the analysis on a market Oscillator such as Bitcoin affect the movement of the other assets in its class?

This is an interesting problem to solve when the assets in the case of Bitcoin is the Oscillator for the entire Cryptocurrency Market and acting in an uncorrelated manner... i.e. Bitcoin being relatively un-phased while the Total Market Cap of Crypto is Dropping.

The chart below is the BTC.D Chart on Trading View. The BTC.D is the Bitcoin Dominance Chart telling us how Dominant Bitcoin is in percentage value to Altcoins. Notice that BTC has been consistently gaining Dominance over Altcoins and as of today sitting at 70% dominance. This tells us that BTC holds 70% of All the value in the Crypto Markets. Gaining 4% of the Total Market Cap just yesterday 12/23/20.

The chart below is the TOTAL2 Chart on Trading View. The TOTAL2 represents the value in billions of US dollars that every Cryptocurrency excluding Bitcoin holds. Ouch, this chart tells us that the Altcoins lost approximately 43 billion in cumulative market cap just yesterday 12/23/20. That is a BIG hit but nothing we haven't seen before.

The Chart below is the TOTAL Chart on Trading View. The Total Chart represents the value in billions of dollars that every Cryptocurrency including Bitcoin Holds. This is the same chart from a Telegram post on 11/06/2020. I shared the exact breakout point and clearly the top yellow line of this Ascending Triangle pattern is still... oh just a cool 50% and 200 billion US dollars Higher than it was on 11/06/2020. So no, I am not trembling like a leaf in the wind over here, and neither should you.

This is just a speculative traders market of asymmetric gains and losses. Do not use more than you could be comfortable leaving untouched for up to... oh lets say 50-500+ days as in the case of Killer Whale Premium members. Patience is a small price to pay for the desired outcome if you are willing to learn something every day, on your journey to enlightenment. Stay Strong Friends!

Happy Holidays!!

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