Falling Wedge Consolidation on Bitcoin

Killer Whale Crypto
Killer Whale Crypto
February 23, 2021, 5:32 PM UTC

Bitcoin consolidation is happening. Learn about this falling wedge technical analysis and how you can sue it to trade.

The Pattern in the Chart Above is commonly known as a Descending Broadening Formation'

Bitcoin has found itself in an incredible position! Almost unheard of in Traditional Standards

Cryptocurrency is a beast when it comes to tradition: You have heard the term; "it's a traders market"

What is a trader's market you may ask?

Simply put, this refers to the fact that those who are fortunate enough to recognize, will reap the rewards.

Trading Professionally, is a zero percent-sum game; There will always be gainers, and losers.

We encourage you to begin the education process. There will always be Newbies (noobs) and there will always be Pros (KW). Killer Whale is dedicated to providing our associates with the most up to date statistical analysis.

The Pattern in the Chart Above is commonly known as a Descending Broadening Formation

Here we have a textbook example of what is known as a Bullish Breakout. The descending broadening wedge is considered to be a reversal pattern, and is bullish in nature. Though the pattern is typically a signal of reversal, continuation or metric of human psychology, it can be incredibly important in determination of the strength in the absoluteness of a trend.

BTC Bull is an understatement for Killer Whale!

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