Potential Outcomes for Bitcoin in 2021

Killer Whale Crypto
Killer Whale Crypto
February 23, 2021, 5:32 PM UTC

What will the price of bitcoin be in 2021? The crypto currency market looks strong. Check out our market analysis.

There are really only a few directions that crypto can go this year. 2020 was an incredible year for the Fundamental standpoint of why Bitcoin and Crypto is changing the world right in front of our eyes. I find it absolutely astounding, that even in world and economic turmoil Bitcoin has prevailed. This was the true test of success, with countries inflating their fiat counter parts and there really is no better way to store your wealth in our digital age.

No human owns the network and every participant in this Market decides Bitcoin's price as an intrinsic store of value. You have the power as an individual to determine what the value of your holdings are at every moment in time. See it is not the price of Bitcoin that determines this, it is every person who is fortunate enough to own a piece deciding that what they hold is more valuable than the government equivalent.

That being said, the melting ice cube that is considered "value" as we transact in today, is being determined less by "the powers that be" and more by the individual for the first time in human history. If you think this trend in human psychology is going to slow down or stop I am here to assure you this will not happen. We all want want to be financially free and have "money" but really what we all strive for is to have a comfortable amount of "value", ya feel me?

Now onto some analysis, the chart below is BTC/USDT on the Daily Timescale. There are 3 ways I see this going:

There simply is not enough Bitcoin to go around.... These are possibly the last moments of the average individual being able to own 1 Bitcoin. What an incredible feat of our modern world!

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