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Novi: The Facebook Wallet

On October 19th of 2021, Facebook launched their official cryptocurrency wallet. The Novi wallet is in its pilot stage and will allow users to send and receive stablecoins instantaneously and for free. Novi has partnered with Coinbase and Paxos to t

Killer Whale Crypto Oct 20, 2021

Bakkt Goes Public on NYSE Under Ticker Symbol BKKT Today!

Cryptocurrency custodian and exchange platform Bakkt went public today on the NYSE, under the ticker symbol BKKT! Bakkt was created by ICE and allows traditional investors the ability to take advantage of Bitcoin, within the traditional markets. Bakk

Killer Whale Crypto Oct 18, 2021

Cardano (ADA) Turns Four Years Old!

September 29th marks Cardano ADA's Fourth birthday! The Cardano Foundation is urging its users to share any Cardano related content which they have created with the Cardano community on social media. Cardano has advanced greatly over the last year an

Killer Whale Crypto Oct 1, 2021

Coinbase Will Soon be Accepting Payroll Checks!

The cryptocurrency company Coinbase will soon be accepting payroll checks as an option to fund accounts. Coinbase will convert paychecks into the users choice of over 100+ cryptocurrencies with no fee, or users can simply deposit their checks as fiat

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 27, 2021

Twitter Unveils Bitcoin Tipping Feature

Twitter has officially enabled Bitcoin tipping within it's social media platform! In this article we discuss how users can tip each other in BTC, as well as a few other changes to Twitter we are expecting to see in the near future! We also discuss wh

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 25, 2021

Cardano ADA Launches Smart Contracts Tomorrow, (September 12, 2021)!

Cardano, ADA, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Crypto

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 11, 2021

Central Bank Digital Currencies are Right Around the Corner

CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency, Cryptocurrency, Crypto, Digital Dollar

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 1, 2021

Circle and USDC: The Most Bullish Names in the Stablecoin Game

This article describes the USDC token, as well as Circle's mission to become a national digital currency bank in the US.

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 28, 2021

600 Million Dollar Cryptocurrency Hack: What We Know So Far

This article discusses the Poly network hack

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 11, 2021

New Infrastructure Bill Will Effect U.S. Crypto Taxation.

This article discusses the United States one-trillion dollar infrastructure

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 8, 2021

Golden Tree Adds Bitcoin to its Balance Sheet

This article describes Golden Tree Asset Management's recent addition of Bitcoin to its balance sheet

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 1, 2021

More BTC Adoption in Latin America is Right Around the Corner!

In this article we will discuss the further adoption of cryptocurrency in Latin American countries

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 31, 2021

Crypto Investor Sues IRS Over Tax Enforcement Laws

This article explains Joshua Jerret's lawsuit against the IRS, over newly minted cryptocurrency taxation

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 23, 2021


This article highlights the history of Binance as well as the current events regrading Binance

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 19, 2021

Cardano (ADA) on Grayscale!

Grayscale Trust lists Cardano (ADA) as its third-largest digital asset holding

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 3, 2021

"America on FIRE"

American congress once again sets its sights on the regulation of cryptocurrency

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 1, 2021

New Series of Killer Whale Strategies Coming to the Cryptohopper Marketplace!!

Killer Whale is now releasing strategies based on Market Sectors!!

Dylan S May 3, 2021

How to Buy Your Tesla With Bitcoin

And Much More!

Tony C Apr 20, 2021

Coinbase IPO

Why We are Excited For this Historic Public Offering

Tony C Apr 13, 2021

Killer Whale Premium Signals is Live on Binance!!

By Popular Request Killer Whale Premium Signals is NOW Available for Binance!! Thank you for this amazing community we have built on this wild Crypto roller-coaster ride!!

Dylan S Mar 4, 2021

Oh, Where will the altcoins go?

Everyone is familiar with Bitcoin but what are the Alt coins doing? See more charts and trading analysis for other cryptocurrencies.

Killer Whale Crypto Jan 4, 2021

Introducing KW Scalper!!!!!

New Killer Whale strategy for cryptohopper Scalp!

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 11, 2020

To All My Killer Whales:

Killer Whale Crypto Chat, a fraternity of like minded crypto trading individuals

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 4, 2020

Bright Light in a Vast Darkness

BNB sold with 42.21% profit!

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 1, 2020

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