Oh, Where will the altcoins go?

Killer Whale Crypto

Killer Whale Crypto

February 23, 2021, 5:32 PM UTC

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Everyone is familiar with Bitcoin but what are the Alt coins doing? See more charts and trading analysis for other cryptocurrencies.

Well, to determine the over all outcome of Altcoins we must first look to Bitcoin for Guidance. The chart below is the Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) on Trading View on the Daily Timescale. You will notice in the past 48 hours that the Dominance of Bitcoin in comparison to Altcoins has declined by roughly 5%. What this tells us is... it may be time for Altcoins to shine. As the price of BTC has risen exponentially the Altcoins have stolen the show for a brief moment. This often leads to what we moon-boys call Alt-Season. Noice!

The chart below is the TOTAL2 on Trading View. This chart represents the Total Market Cap of all Cryptocurrencies excluding Bitcoin. The image below is a pattern called a "Double Bottom" that occurred around $170B Market Cap for the Altcoins. Then... Wow and absolute explosion up to almost $300B Market Cap... in just 11 days... That is crazy. The power of asymmetric percentage gains right in front of our eyes. Those 11 candles may have changed the game forever people.

Ahhh... and yes one of my favorites. The TOTAL chart on Trading View. The TOTAL chart its the Total Market Cap of all Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. If your refer on Telegram to my post on 11/06/2019 titled "TOTAL Chart" you will see KW target the exact breakout point... to the day.

Now you will notice since 11/06/2190 the Total Market Cap of Cryptocurrencies has risen from $420B to a cool... Ohhh just... $856B. So, yes I'm telling you that in less than 2 months Cryptocurrency as a whole has only continued to defy gravity. Not to mention, ahead of schedule by 6+ months. What a ride we are all on! The target for the TOTAL Chart is $3705.802B. Let that sink in for a moment...

We will glide through the madness cool, calm and collected knowing that it is us who truly have the upper hand. When you have a Plan of Action you will Always Prevail!

Stay Strong Friends!!

Killer Whale Crypto

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