New Series of Killer Whale Strategies Coming to the Cryptohopper Marketplace!!

Dylan S

Dylan S

May 4, 2021, 1:40 AM UTC

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Killer Whale is now releasing strategies based on Market Sectors!!

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new line of Cryptohopper Marketplace Strategies!!

The New Products Rollout will Focus on Specific Crypto Market Sectors

Each Strategy will be uniquely tailored with a FREE Marketplace Template to provide an angle of attack on a wide array of Crypto Market Sectors such as Large Cap Coins, DEFI Tokens, NFT Tokens, Exchange Tokens and Governance Tokens. Not only will these strategies be uniquely fit to specific types of tokens, each strategy will provide its own set of data analysis for your AI driven hoppers.

Sounds good right? We think so too! The Killer Whale team thrives on bringing new tools like these to our pod, as fast as we can test them!

Today we launched the Killer Whale Large Cap Strategy in Cryptohopper Marketplace!

Large cap coins are the fundamental pillar of cryptocurrency. This strategy is specifically tailored to trading large market cap coins with the results you would expect from any Killer Whale product. Check out this exciting information, and get up to speed with the latest and greatest Killer Whale Crypto has to offer!

I am going to show you some backtest's derived from Killer Whale Large Cap Strategy with Killer Whale KuCoin Template settings:

The image below is a backtest of BCH/USDT, you will notice how accurate Killer Whale Large Cap attacks the most ideal entry of a given time period for Large Market Cap Coins. The template settings of TSL Arm @ 30% with TSL Percentage at 10% would have returned 27% in an average of 8 days.

The image below is a Backtest of BTC/USDT, you will notice that Large Cap Strategy is no stranger to volatility even with Bitcoin the king of volatility driven digital assets. Using sell based on strategy the entire trade turned a 14% profit in average of 9 days. Imagine having this edge in an AI...

Fortunately I have fully trained the new AI setup for you. Check that out, 90% accuracy when trained in accordance with the top 15 coins in the template. The Killer Whale Large Cap strategy is ready to be added to new or existing AI configurations! (labeled Large Cap Coins in this photo)

Thank You for Inspiring us all at Killer Whale Every Day!

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