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Template and Strategy Overhaul Must Read!!

All Templates and Select Strategies will begin being Overhauled on 03/30/2021. Please read this important article!!

Dylan S Mar 28, 2021

New AI Configuration for Killer Whale users in Cryptohopper Marketplace! Must Read!!

Using AI in a trading bot like cryptohopper can give you a great investing edge. Here are the step by step setup instructions.

Killer Whale Crypto Jan 15, 2021

We Are All In This Together: MUST READ!!!!

Amazing things are coming to the Killer Whale Community. Great crypto and trading content right at your fingertips!

Killer Whale Crypto Feb 9, 2021

A Humble Thank You to the Killer Whale Community

THANK YOU to the amazing Killer Whale trading community. You all are an amazing pod of crypto traders, learning and making money!

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 23, 2020

21 Week Exponential Moving Average

The bitcoin chart, graphing 21 week EMA. A little education on crypto trading from Killer Whale Crypto

Killer Whale Crypto Dec 14, 2020

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