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Over the course of the weekend, April 1-3, 2022, Killer Whale attended both WorldCryptoCon and Miami NFT Week. Although both events were different from each other on certain levels, they were each filled with opportunities to learn valuable information from countless experts. Between CryptoWorldCon and Miami NFT Week, nearly every aspect of the crypto space was represented!


CryptoWorldCon was mainly geared towards new and intermediate level investors and traders. Many of the speakers at WorldCryptoCon focused their talks around safe and effective trading strategies within the crypto space. There was also quite a lot of discussion surrounding the regulatory standards of cryptocurrency and the benefits/ downfalls that could come from closer regulatory standards.

Jordan Belfort

Although all the speakers who attended CryptoWorldCon were discussing fascinating topics, we found Jordan Belfort to be the most interesting of them all. For those of you who are unaware, Jordan Belfort is an American entrepreneur, former stockbroker and convicted felon, who wrote the iconic autobiography The Wolf of Wallstreet while he was serving his sentence. Belfort pled guilty to both running a boiler room penny-stock scam and stock market manipulation in 1999. He has since reformed and now tours the world giving speeches and teaching classes on both trading strategies and sales techniques.

Jordan Belfort was the most interesting speaker in our opinion because of how famously bearish he was regarding cryptocurrency when it first appeared, yet changed his tune to become one of the most bullish Bitcoin advocates of all time. Belfort geared most of his speech towards new investors, urging them to only buy cryptocurrencies with strong use cases, strong development teams, and time tested technical analysis. He also made a point to discuss the importance of placing properly sized positions when trading and how much of the heavy lifting that leads to gains in Bitcoin comes from gaining and holding Bitcoin over a long period of time.


We will be attending Bitcoin Miami on April 6th through April 9th and speaking at the Youth Crypto Conference/Job Fair in Miami on April 5th and April 6th. We can’t wait to share the experience with you!

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