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Killer Whale Elite Signals are Live for Binance Leverage Tokens in Cryptohopper Marketplace!!

Dylan S
Dylan S
June 8, 2021, 2:35 AM UTC

Leverage Tokens on Binance!

Exciting News Killer Whale Community! Today is the Day Friends!

We are proud to announce the release of a revolutionary new product! Killer Whale Elite Signals are now available on Binance for UP and DOWN Tokens automated leverage trading! This is a very hands off system where each signal is built in with a custom stop-loss and sell based on strategy. We will enter into short term leverage trades for the highest possible rewards!

Killer Whale Elite Is a one-of-a-kind service designed to provide signals for stock tokens and leverage tokens!

Killer Whale Elite is the first ever signal service on Cryptohopper to offer this powerful stack of unique trading tools!

Killer Whale Elite Signals for Binance Leverage Tokens is a vehicle for capitalizing on:

  • Top Cryptos Short Term Trades

  • Leverage Trades for Binance UP and DOWN Tokens

  • Killer Whale Elite Signals for Bittrex is a vehicle for capitalizing on:

  • Top Cryptos Position Building and Mid Term Holds

  • Gold and Silver Positions

  • Oil Positions

  • Stock Market Trades

  • The Killer Whale team is excited to bring Killer Whale Elite to our users!

    Click on the links below to Change The Way You Trade!

    Crypto Currency Exchanges: Bittrex, Binance

    Trading Bot: CryptoHopper

    Crypto Hopper Requirements Subscription: Hero

    Killer Whale Elite Templates: Bittrex, Binance Leverage Tokens

    Killer Whale Elite Signal

    Some Assets We Are Excited About:

    UP and DOWN Tokens on Binance

    The secret lies in an incredibly sophisticated source algorithm that is designed to send more Sell signals than Buy signals. The sell signals as depicted below are specifically manufactured to provide a quick exit when market volatility comes to the ultimate point of inflection for a relief rally. All while happening at leveraged speeds. Wow!

    The Best Part is it Works Both Ways!

    Some of our results today!! Down day in crypto?? Capitalize on shorting tokens anyone?

    USDT - GLD

    Gold Trust has been in a multi-month correction and is now breaking out of its previously descending channel. The beginnings of a commodity super-cycle are upon us my friends!

    USDT - SLV

    Sliver Trust is looking absolutely stunning with traditional targets all the way up to $44. As traders we can not limit our knowledge to just one market! This new cycle will require us to stay nimble!

    Lets zoom out a bit on XAG. There is one of the most monumental size Cup and Handle Formations I have ever seen on Silver's Weekly Chart. This pattern has been in formation for over a decade!! We are fortunate enough to be able to recognize the phycology of investors within months of this amazing breakout.


    The dream setups just keep coming when you look across all markets. If you wanted an epic entry on a monster growth stock well here is PayPal. The formation of a Descending Triangle in an immaculately bullish uptrend. While Descending Triangles are often bearish patterns, this particular one comes on a growth stock that has been in price suppression for over 5 months. Boom!

    You thought Killer Whale just did Crypto? Welcome to the new evolution of signals my friends!

    Thank you for inspiring us every day!!

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