Killer Whale Sponsors Youth Crypto Conference 2022!


On April 4th of 2022, Killer Whale attended and sponsored the Youth Crypto Conference in Miami Florida! During this event, the Killer Whale team assisted Youth Crypto Conference with the organization of the event and handed out free gear. We also spoke on a panel dedicated to youth finance education.

Youth Crypto Conference

The Youth Crypto Conference is the first ever conference aimed to educate young people about cryptocurrency. The goal of Youth Crypto Conference is to create a network of educators, entrepreneurs, and leaders from around the world, to share their ideas and experiences with the future generation. Youth Crypto Conference currently consists of over 5,000 students, educators, and industry insiders.

Youth Crypto Conference in Miami


On August 4th, Killer Whale Sponsored the Youth Crypto Conference in Miami, by speaking on one of the panels and handing out free merchandise to the attendees. We discovered the Youth Crypto Conference during our coverage and participation with ETHDenver last February. During that conference, we agreed to attend and speak at the Youth Crypto Conference which was hosted here in Miami. Killer Whale discussed the importance of Bitcoin, and how it compares to older types of assets.

The topics discussed by the other speakers ranged across every aspect of both crypto and finance. Many of the speakers discussed the benefits that can come from learning programming and coding at as young of an age as possible, as web3 development is not yet taught in schools. A number of speakers also discussed potential future use cases for NFTs and metaverses.

Future Youth Crypto Conventions

Throughout 2022 there will be several more Youth Crypto Conferences and job fairs taking place. The next one will take place in yet another one of the most crypto-friendly cities in the United States: Austin Texas on June 7 and 8. There will also be a Youth Crypto Conference in Manila Philippines on November 12 and 113. Anyone who is interested in attending this event can do so by clicking on the link provided here:


Youth Crypto Conference is a fantastic organization which Killer Whale was more than happy to support!

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