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Killer Whale is in the process of revamping our social media presence! As many of you know, Killer Whale has relocated headquarters to the sunny “Capital of Capital” Miami Florida. One of the greatest things about Miami is that there are crypto networking events that take place every week. We decided to drastically increase our social media presence, so you all can see what Killer Whale is working on and who we’re networking with!

Killer Whale is making quite a splash on the beach! Some of the most influential people in crypto have invited us out to a multitude of different events and parties to help promote our brand. What this means for all of you in the Killer Whale Pod is new innovation, features, growth, and giveaways that will take us all to the next level!

This week we’ll be attending Miami NFT week, Bitcoin Miami and WorldCryptoCon! We’ll have regular picture and video updates all the way through! We also have a special surprise in store for you!

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