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Brief History of Cryptocurrency

The Origins of Cryptocurrency...

Killer Whale Crypto Jun 4, 2021

THETA Review

An elegant amalgamation of blockchain technology and video streaming

Killer Whale Crypto May 24, 2021

NANO Coin Review

Fast and free transfers!

Killer Whale Crypto May 8, 2021

Killer Whale 2021 Technical Recap

BTC/USD, TOTAL, TOTAL2 Chart Analysis Recap!! This should be fun!!

Dylan S May 5, 2021

ALGO coin review

Why ALGO has a spot on our suggested coin list

Killer Whale Crypto Apr 30, 2021

How Do Crypto Trading Bots Work?

Crypto Trading Bots Can Enhance Your Experience

Killer Whale Crypto Apr 24, 2021

The Makings of A Market Cycle

This recent correction is exactly what we need for the next legs of this market cycle! How to Identify Crypto Market Cycles with Three Charts

Dylan S Mar 1, 2021

Whales Will Eat Your Coins

Only 0.043% of the world population own crypto currency. Are you one of them?

Killer Whale Crypto Jan 25, 2021

Why we are here

Just take a look at these 40 day gains! Crypto trading for the win.

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 25, 2020

TOTAL Chart for Crypto

Combined crypto chart that represents Billions of Dollars of Market Cap

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 7, 2020

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