Cryptocurrency Charities: How to Donate in Crypto


Crypto charities are becoming more and more popular each year! Not only is cryptocurrency more convenient than fiat for charity work, it is also far faster and more easily converted to native currencies.

Cryptocurrency Charities: How to Donate in Crypto

It’s no secret that 2021 has been a fantastic year for cryptocurrency. For those of you who may like to take some of those crypto gains and donate them to charity over the holidays, you’re in luck! in this piece, we will discuss how you can donate to various charities, using cryptocurrency.


Donating money in crypto has some major advantages over donating money in traditional fiat currency. Giveth is a crypto project which operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and allows users to create any type of charity project they want. Unlike similar business models that utilize fiat currencies, Giveth donations can be tracked via Etherscan, allowing its users to verify that their donations are going to the right place. One of the biggest problems with traditional charities that allow people to create their own projects is the number of scammers that take advantage of the lack of difficulty of traceability of fiat currency. Since Etherscan watches everything taking place on the Ethereum blockchain, Giveth users can rest assured that their transactions are making it into the intended hands.

The Giving Block

The Giving Block is a nonprofit organization designed to make it easier for nonprofits to accept crypto. The Giving Block was founded in 2018 by Alex Wilson and Pat Duffey and is undoubtably the biggest crypto charity platform and provides an important serves a vital role for many various charity organizations.

For most charities, it is usually cheaper and faster to send cryptocurrency. Sending crypto to various corners of the world is also considerably faster than fiat. The third biggest advantage of using cryptocurrency for charity work is the fact that it is far easier and cheaper to convert into local native fiat currencies.


Empowa describes itself as the first ever Real-Fi project in the world, which aims to increase the amount of affordable housing in Africa, beginning with the country of Mozambique. In layman’s terms, Empowa aims to build 50 million homes in Mozambique, Africa, by becoming a decentralized property developer. The houses will be built using the Empowa token, EMP. Users who contribute to the project by buying the EMP token will be secured a cut of the future rental income from the properties built by the Empowa project. Killer Whale wrote an article dedicated to the Empowa project earlier this year, as the innerworkings and preliminary funding are highly complex. If you would like to learn more about the project, click here Empowa is a good example of how cryptocurrency can be effectively used to aid the developing world and falls right in line with many of the adoption goals of Cardano.


There is a number of different cryptocurrency charities that have popped up within the last few years. at this rate, cryptocurrency enabled charities may very well become the new norm!

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