Cryptocurrency Investing


In this article, we discuss the risk/reward associated with investing in cryptocurrency and if virtual currency will be worth the potential payoff.

What is cryptocurrency and why is it popular?

You have watched the news, listened to the radio, seen postings on social media. From memes, to Twitter wars to cryptocurrencies named after dogs, there has been plenty of coverage surrounding their existence, uses and potential. A world without centralized banks managing our money, a future giving us ultimate financial freedom. Central banks will reduce the value of your money through inflation, this is not the case with cryptocurrency. The decentralized processing technology that is the core of cryptocurrency is much more secure than traditional banks, and with cryptocurrency only gaining popularity and market cap over time, it is safe to say cryptocurrency investing is not going anywhere anytime soon. With thousands of differently named cryptocurrency floating around, it can be difficult to forecast which cryptocurrencies to invest in. The main stagers, mineable coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) amongst many other protocols. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, and since cryptocurrency investing is relatively new, the volatility of the market is ever present. While we hear courageous stories of people making a fortune, there are also stories of people losing big. Investing is always a risk and the most knowledgeable investors still make mistakes. The truth is, investing in cryptocurrency is not foolproof. The future does look brighter as systems and safety measures are becoming more airtight.

But is it worth it?

There is copious potential out there, if you arm yourself with knowledge and read the fine print. Having a knowledgeability of assets is how you gain an advantage within the market. A good rule of thumb is to diversify your portfolio, by investing in assets you believe will express long term palpability. Cryptocurrency will become more widespread over time, making it all the more valuable to own.

Companies such as Square, and PayPal offering the ability to exchange cryptocurrency within their own networks, will potentially supplement the market with capitol, which may not have effected the world of cryptocurrency otherwise. When searching for the right cryptocurrency to invest in, weighing a “get rich quicker” cryptocurrency vs. a long term investment is often the first question investors ask themselves. The crypto heavyweights such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, the general belief is that these will not only continue to stand out but that their gaining value is the reason they are regarded as great long-term cryptocurrency investments.

If jumping into the cryptocurrency market seems too risky, there are other ways to potentially make money on the rising cryptocurrency market. Investing in companies such as PayPal, Square, MicroStrategy, CME Group, Galaxy Digital, IBM and Coinbase, are examples of opportunities for investors to achieve traditional and institutionally backed market gains which are deeply correlated with the cryptocurrency markets.

There's no way around cryptocurrency being a risky investment. After all, cryptocurrency has only been around for north of 12 years, in comparison to the first trading day on WallStreet, which occurred 92 years ago. The fundamental difference between this newly emerging market, and its predecessors, is the wealth of knowledge which has been accumulated over time. We are fortunate to be able to enter the world of cryptocurrency at a point in time in which advanced trading tools, such as Killer Whale Signals and Strategies, are right at our digital fingertips!

The Killer Whale team is dedicated to guiding our pod and perspective community members alike through the trials and tribulations we encounter in cryptocurrency trading. Killer Whale utilizes algorithmic intelligence and mathematics to calculate market scenarios. This gives Killer Whale members a unique advantage that puts the volatile odds of the Cryptocurrency market in our favor!

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