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Helium (HNT): People Powered Networks

Helium (HNT) is a cryptocurrency project and decentralized data sharing network. It is made up of Long Fi Helium hotspot transmitters, which connect enabled devices with each other, without the need for traditional networks. Anyone can operate a Heli

Killer Whale Crypto Oct 8, 2021

Brave (BAT) Review: A Crypto Project With Some Serious Use!

Brave BAT is one of the most unique cryptocurrency projects out there. Users of the Brave search engine use less data on average, while browsing the web faster than those who are using the big name browsers. Brave is also one of the most secure inter

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 21, 2021

Audius (AUDIO) Review

Music streaming services have become the standard for artists who wish to publish their content. These services have equally become the standard for how listeners discover new music. This article describes how the Audius platform connects the world o

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 19, 2021

Algorand Update!

Algorand has Gone through many changes within the last year. Algorand has formed many advantageous partnerships and has even participated in the creation of a CBDC! Algorand is Killer Whale's preferred coin for transferring value and making payments!

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 14, 2021

NEO Coin Review

This article describes the NEO coin.

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 26, 2021

Binance (BNB) Coin Review

This article takes a close look at Binance Coin and the Binance Exchange.

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 24, 2021

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