Avalanche AVAX Review


Avalanche is the 10th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap. Avalanche is a platform designed to create interoperability between all blockchains. Avalanche is a fast, efficient, and secure cryptocurrency project.

Avalanche AVAX Review

Over the course of this last week, we have seen an 8 percent decline in the cryptocurrency total market cap. Currently the market is sitting at $2.8 trillion. While Bitcoin and Ethereum went down by approximately 10 percent, Avalanche, or AVAX was the only large cap coin to have a weekly gain. Users of Killer Whale Signals and Strategies likely noticed this for themselves! In this piece, we will be discussing The AVAX coin and the Avalanche project.

What is Avalanche

Avalanche is a smart contract platform created in 2018 – by Ava Labs – that is scalable and offers a high degree of performance. In fact, Avalanche is the first ever cryptocurrency project that can handle smart contracts, while processing transactions in under a second. Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, Avalanche bridges the needs of developers and users, by bridging every blockchain together into one interoperable interface. New blockchains can also be created on the Avalanche platform, which run on the parameters specified by the developer. New cryptocurrency assets can also be created on Avalanche.

As AVAX is a ranked number 10 by market cap, Killer Whale Strategies such as Killer Whale Large Cap Sector Strategy can be used to take maximum advantage of AVAX and coins like it, within the largest market caps in the crypto markets.

Avalanche’s Performance

Avalanche shares quite a few qualities with Ethereum in that both platforms are designed to write and deploy smart contracts, as well as build Dapps, however there are also so key differences. For starters, Avalanche boasts a blazing fast 4,500 transactions per second, with a transactional finality of three seconds or less. As Avalanche is a Proof of Stake, CPU-Optimal platform, it is far more energy efficient than many similar smart contract platforms. Avalanche is also highly secure, as it is validated by thousands of no-hash-rate-required nodes and an 80% parameterized safety threshold.

Avalanche has four unique features that contribute to its popularity and success. First, Avalanche is a modular interoperable ecosystem of public and private blockchains. Second, Avalanche is incredibly customizable, and allows developers to create smart assets and dApps in multiple different programing languages. The third most popular feature is Avalanches Security and Scalability. This is achieved by Avalanche’s large number of validators and Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Lastly, Avalanche’s high degree of performance is its fourth most important feature. This is achieved by the combination of a DAG-optimized consensus mechanism known as “Avalanche” and a chain-optimized consensus mechanism which deals with smart contracts. The latter of the two is known as “Snowman.”

Avalanche Blockchains

Avalanche operates by utilizing three blockchains which have been built into the platform. The first blockchain is referred to as the X-Chain. The X-Chain is a DAG-based payment chain, designed to facilitate payments within the system. The P-Chain handles the metadata about the Avalanche network. This includes the creation of subnets, as well as the addition of validators to subnets. The C-Chain is an instance of the “Ethereum Virtual Machine.” Anything which can be done on the Ethereum platform can be done on the Avalanche C-Chain.


Avalanche and similar projects to Avalanche are exactly the kind of project that Killer Whale thrives on! With so many use cases and quick transaction times, Avalanche shows tons of potential. Be sure to check out the Killer Whale Products page to discover which Killer Whale Strategies and Signals are right for you!

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