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presentational has proven itself to be one of the most bullish cryptocurrency companies to date!'s Utility token, CRO, has been repeatedly proving how well an exchange token can perform, on a daily basis! CRO continues to prove itself time and time again! Coin (CRO) Review has been making regular headlines within the world of cryptocurrency over the course of the last few years. From sponsoring UFC fighters, to promoting the brand on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter; has solidified itself as one of the biggest names in cryptocurrency. In this piece, we will be taking a look at’s utility coin: CRO.

What is is one of the most successful cryptocurrency companies to date. They offer a wide variety of products. The most popular of which is undoubtably the Visa debit card. made a name for itself by offering these Visa cards to anyone who signed up for the platform. Furthermore, users of can stake cryptocurrency in order to receive other Visa cards, with better reward programs. The higher end cards offered by are made of metal and come with varying degrees of perks, depending on how much cryptocurrency you are willing to stake.


The cryptocurrency which users are required to stake for any of the higher end products offered by is CRO. The ticker symbol CRO stands for “ Coin.” One of the most interesting things about CRO is that its price action seems to parallel the growth of the customer base.

CRO started out as an ERC-20 token back in 2018, and it had an initial supply of 100 billion. Initially all of these tokens were held by When CRO was released to the public, there was no ICO, nor was there any presale or public sale. At this point in the history of CRO, it was purely used as a utility token for the network.

On February 22nd, 2021, that changed. announced their plans to burn 70 billion CRO, making the initial CRO burn the largest token burn in history. This burn accounted for almost all of the CRO tokens held by, as it meant 70 percent of the total supply of CRO was abolished. After this burn took place, CRO became far more decentralized. was developed by and is designed to be the project that is laying out the roadmap for the future of CRO, as well as the DeFi features that are being developed with it. The following phases of CRO will be released by as follows.

  • Phase 1 – Canis Major: On chain NFT support

  • Phase 2 – Draco II: Coin insurance and the addition of the Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • Phase 3 – Tucana: Decentralized exchange with AMM (based on the Uniswap model)

  • Phase 4 – Hydrus I: Smart contracting by CosmWasm, which is an engine that supports multiple programing languages.

  • Phase 5 – Carina III: Oracle bridge protocols to achieve full decentralization


CRO’s performance truly shows us how well exchange tokens can perform! CRO and other tokens like it have great potential to become some of the most important assets within the cryptocurrency space! Be sure to check out the Killer Whale Products page to discover which Killer Whale Signals and Strategies are right for you!

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