Brave (BAT) Review: A Crypto Project With Some Serious Use!


Brave BAT is one of the most unique cryptocurrency projects out there. Users of the Brave search engine use less data on average, while browsing the web faster than those who are using the big name browsers. Brave is also one of the most secure internet browsers available. Brave even rewards their users in the BAT token, for viewing secure advertisements through the Brave Browser.

Brave (BAT) Review: A Crypto Project With Some Serious Use!

There are many different internet browsers out there, and some of them have more to offer than others. In this article, we will take a look at Brave, and the project’s corresponding BAT token. We will also take a look at which Killer Whale Products we recommend to take advantage of this awesome project and others like it!

What is Brave and What is BAT?

Brave is an internet browser and cryptocurrency project which takes a considerably different approach to internet security and user satisfaction. Brave Blocks all unnecessary trackers and advertisements, which slow down your internet browsing experience and spy on your browsing preferences. In fact users of Brave can typically load pages at least twice as fast as those who use other browsers, while using only a fraction of the data. When it comes to advertisements in particular, the Brave browser blocks any add tracking software which is designed to harvest your data. As this data is an asset, Brave collects all the data which would have been collected by add trackers and saves it directly on your computer. This is where Brave Rewards comes into play.

Brave rewards allows users to earn Brave’s Basic Attention Token or BAT. BAT is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain created by Brave. Brave rewards users have the option to earn BAT, by viewing adds. These adds are highly personalized to your own browsing data, and you – the user – are in complete control over what you would like to see, in exchange for your data.

How Brave Rewards Works

Advertisers choose to distribute their adds through Brave because of how the search engine directs their adds to the users. Because Brave has the ability to specifically tailor advertising to each individual user, advertisers statistically have a higher success rate from the campaigns they run on Brave compared to other platforms. Simply put, advertisers pay Brave because they know their adds will reach the right target market.

The data brave collects for advertising purposes is far more secure than the data collected by your standard third party software. Third party add tracking software companies can – and do – sell your information to any number of nefarious organizations. Furthermore, Brave does not share any of your personal data with the companies advertising on the platform. They simply connect you to the advertisements which are algorithmically most appealing to you. The best part is, you can always turn off Brave rewards, and go to browsing the internet with almost zero pesky adds if you choose to do so. With Brave, you have the power.

Many advertisers have begun to notice how effective their advertising campaigns are on Brave, therefore the Brave rewards are getting better. Users who participate in Brave rewards receive 70% of the revenue from add sales, in the form of the BAT token. The remaining 30% goes to the Brave foundation, for the purposes of maintaining and improving the browser.

How BAT Works

As we mentioned earlier, BAT is an ERC-20 token, created on the Ethereum blockchain. Any Ethereum compatible wallet is all that is needed to store BAT. Because of this usability, BAT is easily converted into other tokens and fiat currencies. Furthermore, BAT is listed on many large exchanges. Bat can also be used by individuals who have activated Brave rewards as a means to tip content creators through Brave. If an individual so chooses, they can send BAT to any content creator who has tied their content to a Brave wallet address. This is similar to how BTC was used to tip content creators in the early days of cryptocurrency. BAT’s low price however makes it a much more viable option for tipping content creators than BTC, as the price per token is significantly lower. This means that the transaction time of BAT is more conducive to tipping content creators and the individual BAT do not need to be divided into smaller values, unlike some of the larger cryptocurrencies.

Which Killer Whale Products Take Advantage of BAT?

Because Bat is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, strategies such as Killer Whale Gain ETH , as well as Killer Whale Ulltimate and Killer Whale Large Cap Sector Strategy are all great options! Keep in mind, BAT is also on the Killer Whale Preferred Coin List, because it has shown us great price action in the past!

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