Crypto for Beginners: Bitcoin and Ethereum


Cryptocurrency can be daunting to new users. This article focuses on the basics of Bitcoin and Ethereum. This article also focuses on two Killer Whale Strategies: Gain BTC and Gain ETH!

Crypto for Beginners

Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of traction within the last few years, however there are still quite a few sceptics out there. In this piece we will discuss some of the basics of cryptocurrency for those of you who are new to this exciting world. We will also take a look at several different Killer Whale Products , so our newer members can get a feel for how exactly Killer Whale Works. Specifically, we will be looking at the two biggest cryptos in the cryptocurrency world: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)!

Bitcoin (BTC)

Let’s start at square one: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first majorly successful cryptocurrency to gain traction in the markets. Bitcoin still holds the largest market cap out of all cryptocurrencies, however that number is gradually going down, as other cryptocurrencies gain popularity. To be clear, the value of Bitcoin is steadily increasing with time, but as more money flows into other cryptocurrencies as well, Bitcoin is simply taking up a smaller piece of the pie.

Although there is no investment without risk, Bitcoin is considered the safest cryptocurrency investment of them all. For this reason Killer Whale has developed the Gain BTC Strategy . Gain BTC works by trading Bitcoin against other currencies when the price of BTC is high (BTC is the Native currency of the Bitcoin network) and buys the BTC back when the price goes lower. Gain BTC also detects when the price of another currency is going to increase in value. Whenever this happens, Gain BTC will buy some of the currency that will likely increase in value, and when the price of the currency it buys reaches its peak, it uses those gains to purchase more BTC than it started with. The idea is that the price of Bitcoin will steadily increase in value over time, ergo it is advantageous to gain as much of it as you can while the price of BTC is relatively low. Gain BTC is a “get rich slow scheme.” Think of Gain BTC as the Bitcoin strategy that “buys the dip” for you!

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Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is another one of the most important cryptocurrency projects that any new cryptocurrency investor should be familiar with. Ethereum holds the second-largest market cap of all cryptocurrencies, but unlike Bitcoin, the Ethereum blockchain can be programed to be used to serve a multitude of different applications, rather than simply being used as a currency. This is achieved through what is known as a smart contract.

Smart contracts are essentially the same as regular contracts, except they are governed entirely by programming. They are simply programs that exist on the blockchain and run whenever permitted conditions are met. They are most often used to execute arrangements so that all the participating parties can be immediately aware of the outcome. Smart contracts also allow people to create NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens), and even make their own cryptocurrencies!

Killer Whale created Gain ETH Strategy to achieve the same goals as Gain BTC; only with Ethereum! Because Ethereum has so many use cases, there are many people within the crypto community who believe that it will someday overtake Bitcoin as the world’s dominant cryptocurrency. For new cryptocurrency investors who are looking for lower risk strategies, Gain ETH and Gain BTC are excellent choices!

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There are Killer Whale Products for every level of trader. As you become more familiar with cryptocurrency, rest assured you will have plenty of room for growth within the Killer Whale Pod! If you continue making smart investment decisions, such as using Killer Whale Signals and Strategies, you can graduate from using the Killer Whale Free Strategy to services such as Killer Whale Elite Signals sooner than you know it!

“Fortune favors the bold”

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