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Swing Trade strategy

$29.99 / Yearly



Recommended Balance

$1,000 - $10,000+


Killer Whale Swing Trade is a fully customizable Strategy that allows users to configure their own target percentages, based upon their individual levels of patience and risk. Full customization means users have the option to set higher targets, based on previous resistance and support levels, rather than percentage gains alone.

Killer whale Swing Trade Strategy is the ideal tool to ensure that you are getting the best returns, regardless of market conditions. Swing trading can be implemented successfully across a wide range of trade durations.

Here is a backtest of Swing Trade Strategy on TRX/USDT for April 18th - May 18th 2022.

Settings Backtest on TRX/USDT:

  • Sell Based on Strategy OFF
  • Arm Trailing Stop-Loss at 4%
  • Trailing Stop-Loss Percentage at 2%
  • Take Profit at 20%
  • Trailing Stop-Buy OFF

SwingTrade Backtest 5.18.2022.png