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Large Cap strategy

$24.99 / 6 Months



Recommended Balance

$1,000 - $10,000+


Killer Whale Large Cap Strategy is a sector strategy which specifically focuses on cryptos that hold at least $5 billion in market-cap, known as the “large-cap sector.” Killer Whale Large Cap Strategy is centered entirely around the overall best performing cryptos that are here to stay!

The template configuration is designed to continuously position build into the largest market movers in the industry. Target percentages range from 30-100%, Killer Whale Large Cap Strategy is for the long-term holder and investor who wishes to continuously circulate capital through mid-term and long-term market cycles.

Here is a backtest of Large Cap Strategy on TRX/USDT with Killer Whale Large Cap Template Settings for April 13th - May 3rd 2022.

Settings Backtest on TRX/USDT:

  • Sell Based on Strategy ON
  • Arm Trailing Stop-Loss at 30%
  • Trailing Stop-Loss Percentage at 10%
  • Take Profit at 100%
  • Trailing Stop-Buy OFF

TRX Backtest.png