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DCA King strategy

$29.99 / Yearly



Recommended Balance

$1,000 - $10,000+


Utilizing our advanced indicator equations DCA King strategy looks for the optimal market conditions to Dollar Cost Average your favorite coins and tokens, ensuring the best entries and returns for our users.

Dollar cost averaging is a time-tested approach to entering the markets, and works by reducing the overall impact of volatility on the price of an asset by placing periotic buy orders over time. Killer Whale DCA King yields consistent results for long-term performance, which is why it is one of the most downloaded strategies on Cryptohopper!

Here is an example backtest of DCA King for down trending TRX/USDT for April 18th - May 18rd 2022.

Settings Backtest on TRX/USDT:

  • Sell Based on Strategy ON
  • Take Profit at 30%
  • Trailing Stop-Loss OFF
  • Trailing Stop-Buy OFF

DCA King Backtest 5.18.2022.png