Why Invest in Assets Instead of Holding Cash?


One of the biggest differences between the haves and have-nots of the world is how each of these social classes saves their money. Wealthy people stay wealthy by diversifying their funds across a multitude of assets. In this piece, we’re going to talk about the importance of investing your wealth safely and effectively!

Debt Cycles and Inflation

Let’s start by taking a quick look at how debt fuels the global economy. Debt is created when an individual, a company, or a government borrows money to spend on something that they can’t afford at that moment. The money is borrowed with the promise that it will eventually be returned at an agreed upon time, and usually with interest. Since the entire global economy is constantly engaged in both borrowing and returning money, it forms something called a debt cycle.

These debt cycles can be controlled and manipulated by the Fed by either printing money, creating inflation, or raising interest rates. Each of these controls has an effect on the global economy, and can be both beneficial and detrimental at every level. As an example, global inflation is currently on the rise because of macroeconomic factors such as war, climate change and disease. COVID had a profound effect on inflation, as the economy was flooded with newly printed money across the world.

When additional money is printed, its overall value decreases as it works its way through the economy. This is the reason why things like groceries and fuel increase in price over time. Wealthy people know this, therefore, when money printing is on the rise, the wealthy park their funds in assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin. When you place your hard-earned money in the correct assets, you can not only combat inflation, but even profit from these changes in the global economy.

Investing Safely

Assets like Bitcoin can be effective tools for combating inflation on the long term, however investing in volatile assets needs to be done correctly and safely if you hope to turn a profit. The worst mistake an investor can make is putting all their funds into a single asset, only to watch the value of that asset loose its value, taking all the investor’s money with it. Unfortunately, this happens to inexperienced investors all the time, but it can be combated.

Diversification and Position Size

Diversification and Position size are paramount to the success of investors and traders. If the value of an asset in your portfolio goes crashing into the ground, it’s far less devastating if most of your portfolio is diversified across a multitude of well performing assets. position size is equally important. Even if you are only invested in one asset, keeping most of your funds in a stable currency and only investing what you can afford to lose is a key component to safe investing.

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