Killer Whale Fundamental Analysis: Ethereum Merge Upgrade Follow Up (Video)


This video is a follow up to our most recent video: This is a follow up to our most recent video: Killer Whale Fundamental Analysis: What's Going on With the Ethereum Merge Upgrade. Watch it on YouTube by clicking on the link in the article!

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Killer Whale Fundamental Analysis: Ethereum Merge Upgrade Follow Up

If you'd rather read the article instead of watching it on YouTube, the following is a transcript from the video

Hey everyone, this is tony from Killer Whale Crypto and today I’d like to give you a quick follow on our previous video regarding the Ethereum merge upgrade!

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First and foremost, the Ethereum community has announced an official launch date for the merge, which is some of the most exciting news we’ve heard in a while! The merge is set to take place on September 19th, but there’s a strong possibility that may be happening as soon as September 15th if everything continues going as well as it already has! This was announced after a successful and final test run which took place on the Goerli testnet, prompting a 14% spike in Ethereum’s trading value.

The Goerli test rehearsal went off with almost no issues, convincing developers that the Ethereum mainnet is ready for the real thing! There’s a faction of miners who are petitioning to hard fork Ethereum, however the majority of the community is on board for the transition to proof of stake. Vitalik Buterin is urging any miners who don’t want to participate in the merge to mine Ethereum Classic as an alternative to hard forking.

Of course there’s never guarantee that everything will go off without a hitch, especially in crypto. That being said, there’s plenty of optimism surrounding this upgrade! Hopefully this will be just the kind of big bull energy the market is craving! Keep in mind the Ethereum upgrade EIP 1559 on august 4th of last year was exactly what the crypto community needed to kick the bears out of town!

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