Killer Whale AMA Recap for Jun 5th, 2022


Yesterday the Killer Whale team held the first AMA (ask me anything) meetup to take place since moving the Killer Whale headquarters to Miami, FL last February. Now that we have settled in, we will continue hosting AMA meetups via the Killer Whale Discord channel every Sunday, at 7:00pm EDT, GMT-4 and everyone is encouraged to participate!

Topics of Discussion

The Killer Whale AMA group had a lively discussion which covered a wide range of topics. These topics included:

  • The current state of geopolitics and how they’re affecting crypto
  • A new series of Killer Whale templates, designed specifically for when the markets are bearish
  • The collapse of the Terra-Luna algorithmic stablecoin ecosystem
  • Why the 15 coins on the Killer Whale suggested coin list were selected
  • Future Killer Whale Arbitrage bots for large account sizes
  • Killer Whale on social media


The last few months have been a trying time for many parts of the world. The war between Ukraine and Russia has greatly affected the global economy, causing a considerable number of investors to move their funds from high volatility assets into more stabilized fiat currencies. As a result, every market has lost substantial value. Furthermore, everything including crypto follows the S&P 500. As the S&P 500 has experienced heavy sales pressure, crypto has followed the same trend.

Killer Whale Bear Templates

The Killer Whale team has been working diligently to release a new set of templates, designed specifically to operate in bearish conditions. We’re yet to set a release date for these new templates, however releasing these templates as soon as possible is priority number one for Killer Whale.

The Collapse of Terra Luna

The collapse of the Terra Luna Blockchain was a devastating disaster for many investors. If you’d like to learn more about the collapse of Terra Luna you can read a detailed Killer Whale educational article on the subject by clicking on this link Here .

The Killer Whale Suggested Coin List

The Killer Whale Suggested coin list is comprised of 15 coins which have survived through multiple market cycles, demonstrating that they have the potential to withstand the test of time and continue to flourish. Each of these coins was selected because of their project, use case, and price action. If you would like to read more about fundamental coin selection, you can read a Killer Whale article on the subject Here .

Killer Whale Arbitrage

Recently we have been experimenting with market arbitrage bots as a new Killer Whale product. Arbitrage bots will undoubtably become part of the Killer Whale product line and so far, all the paper trading arbitrage bot tests that we have performed have been quite successful. Arbitrage works best with large account sizes; therefore, we’ve been able to looking into using arbitrage as a tool to apply as part of larger fund management strategies.

Killer Whale on Social Media

One of the biggest reasons Killer Whale relocated to Miami, FL is to be as close as possible to the action in the world of crypto. Miami is considered the global hub of cryptocurrency development and because of this, there are all kinds of crypto conventions, workshops and meetups held every day of the year. Be sure to follow us on social media to get a firsthand glimpse of the front lines of crypto, along with videos and content regarding everything Killer Whale!

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