Killer Whale AMA Recap for June 12th, 2022


Sunday, Jun 12th 2022, the Killer Whale Team held our weekly AMA (ask me anything) meetup with the Killer Whale pod! Killer Whale hosts AMAs every Sunday at 7:00pm EDT GMT-4. We encourage all Killer Whale pod members to participate!

Topics of Discussion

  • Cryptohopper support for FTX and FTX.US
  • Killer Whale bear templates
  • Upcoming video topics
  • Palm Beach Crypto and NFT Conference
  • NFT market Trends

Cryptohopper support for FTX and FTX.US

Earlier this week Cryptohopper began offering support for both FTX and FTX.US exchanges. The Killer whale team is in the process of designing custom templates for all Killer Whale signal services to be used in conjunction with the FTX and FTX.US exchanges.

Killer Whale Bear Templates

The Killer Whale team is creating a new line of templates, to specifically be used in bearish market conditions. Progress is going well with our “Killer Whale vs. the Bear” project, so expect to see bear templates for your favorite Killer Whale products soon!

Upcoming Video Topics

The Killer Whale team has upped our social media presence within the last several months. We are currently doing regular market updates on our Killer Whale Crypto YouTube Channel; however, we’ll also be adding videos which specifically break down how certain strategies work in detail. Be sure to follow Killer Whale on YouTube for all the latest content.

West Palm Beach NFT and Crypto Conference

Killer Whale recently made an appearance at the West Palm Beach Crypto Conference. Unlike many of the crypto events we have attended within the last year, much of the focus behind the West Palm Beach NFT and Crypto Conference was focused on trading. The majority of the crypto events that take place around the US and particularly Miami are heavily focused around NFTs and NFT utilities.

NFT market Trends

On the topic of NFTs, we have seen a large amount of NFT projects in the crypto and web3 development community that are focused on real world applications, more so than digital art. Some of the projects we have seen include using NFTs for memberships to various groups, clubs, and fraternities, while others are utilized in place of plane tickets/ POAPs (proof of attendance protocols) and for privately chartered flights. We have also seen an increase in NFTs being sold with high end merchandise such as designer clothing and fine spirits.

Be sure to join us for our next AMA, which will be held on the Killer Whale Discord channel on Jun 19th!

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