Killer Whale AMA recap 01/23/2022


Killer Whale is hosting "Ask me Anything" events every Sunday at 3:00PM GMT-6. This is a recap of the Killer Whale AMA event from 01/23/2022.

Killer Whale AMA recap 01/23/2022

January 23rd, 2022, Killer Whale hosted our weekly AMA “Ask me Anything” event on our Discord channel. During this event, members of our Killer Whale Pod were able to openly ask the Killer Whale team any questions they may have regarding Killer Whale products and services, as well as any other questions relating to cryptocurrency or investing in general. Killer Whale will be hosting AMA events weekly! If you missed our most recent AMA event, take a look at this quick recap of the most important topics that we covered.

Potential Bearish Territory

As one would expect, much of the focus of today’s AMA revolved around the current conditions of the markets. Although there is a chance that cryptocurrency could recover, there are good indications that the bears may be running things, potentially for months. That being said, if the markets truly are being run by the bears, we will need to hunker down and weather this storm.

Keep in mind that crypto has gone through plenty of rough patches and it has always recovered. Even if the market cap of Bitcoin for example is considerably less than it was last week, it’s still 10x higher than it was at its lowest during the crash of March 2020. It makes you wonder how high Bitcoin’s lows will be 10 years from now.

Correlation Between Markets

When cryptocurrency was first starting out, it behaved independently from the stock market. as time goes by however, cryptocurrency and the stock market are beginning to express similar patterns. This is extremely evident now, as we are seeing a tremendous amount of selling pressure across nearly every market.

The Metaverse

Microsoft announced the upcoming purchase of the video game development company Activision Blizzard. Activision has developed some of the most successful titles in the video game world, including Call of Duty and Candy Crush. Microsoft is making this purchase in order to gain a greater foothold in the metaverse. Meta tokens are currently some of the only cryptos that are still performing, rather than selling off. Certain NFT related projects have also been performing relatively well during these less than phenomenal market conditions.


The altcoin market has felt the worst pain within the current state of the market. Many altcoins were still recovering from the most recent crash back in May, and were once again devastated by the selloff that’s happening now. Filecoin (FIL) for example lost 97 percent of its value, which happened to a plethora of small cap coins.

On a positive note, many of the smaller S-coin crypto projects tend to get washed away during big sell offs, leaving room for larger, more palpable projects to gain dominance. In sell offs, the projects that survive are the ones with fundamentally solid use cases and high liquidity. The low liquidity S-coins being created every day need to be removed from the equation every so often so that the money can be redirected into time tested projects that have persevered and grown over the years.

Killer Whale Team Preferred TA and Influencers

There are so many opinions when it comes to Technical Analysis “experts” who are willing to teach you their ways via their YouTube channels. Some of them truly do know what they’re talking about, while others are simply there to make money by shelling out S-coins and collecting a paycheck from their content, rather than their trading. That being said, some of the things you should look out for are content creators boasting grandiose claims that you can become instantly wealthy by taking their advice and subscribing to their channel. Content creators who charge for their advice tend to be sketchy as well. the following is a list of our favorite cryptocurrency content creators.

For TA

  • Mitch Ray TA
  • Tyler S
  • Forflies
  • Uncomplication

For News and Education

  • Crypto Banter
  • Coin Bureau
  • Paul Barron
  • Altcoin Daily

Be sure to Tune in Next Week!

Killer Whale will be hosting an AMA event every week on Sundays, at 3:00PM GMT-6! We will be releasing different questions and topics for the next AMA over the course of the week; however, feel free to ask whatever questions you would like! If you miss any of these AMAs, all of them are documented under the AMA recap tab, under news and articles, on the Killer Whale Website.

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