Killer Whale AMA recap 01/16/2022


Killer Whale is hosting "Ask me Anything" events every Sunday at 3:00PM GMT-6. This is a recap of the Killer Whale AMA event from 01/16/2022.

Killer Whale AMA recap 01/16/2022

January 16th, 2022, Killer Whale hosted our weekly AMA “Ask me Anything” event on our Discord channel. During this event, members of our Killer Whale Pod were able to openly ask the Killer Whale team any questions they may have regarding Killer Whale products and services, as well as any other questions relating to cryptocurrency or investing in general. Killer Whale will be hosting AMA events weekly! If you missed our most recent AMA event, take a look at this quick recap of the most important topics that we covered.

Topics Covered During our Last AMA

  • Developments in Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Killer Whale “Tune Up” service
  • Advantageous NFT platforms

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

As Visa recently partnered with the blockchain technology solutions firm, ConsenSys, to build new “on ramp” technology for CBDC implementation, we discussed the pros and cons of CBDCs. CBDCs are essentially the digital version of fiat currencies. The technology behind CBDCs is similar to the technology utilized by blockchain cryptocurrencies; however, CBDCs are completely centralized, and controlled by the central banking authorities of their respective countries. A nation’s CBDC can be exchanged for its respective fiat currency at a 1:1 ratio.

CBDCs are generally looked at by the crypto community with some concern, as their highly centralized nature could be easily exploited by any issuing authority. Currently, the governments of countries that have deployed CBDCs have stated that they will not use CBDC technology to gather personal information. That being said, it would be incredibly easy for governments to monitor and/or interfere with CBDC transactions. For this reason, the general opinion regarding CBDCs is more negative than positive, within the crypto community.

Killer Whale “Tune Up” Service

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your Killer Whale Strategies and Signals, you can now schedule a one-on-one review and setting adjustment, with our brand-new Killer Whale Tune Up service! During a Killer Whale account Tune Up, a member of our team will personally fine tune your Hopper settings for the best possible performance in any market condition!

Here’s What we Inspect and Optimize During a Killer Whale Tune Up:

  • Check Coin List & Optimize according to CryptoHopper plan
  • Check Baseconfig Settings and adjust as required
  • Cooldown adjustment to match remaining Capital
  • Merge, Split and/or Reserve Funds
  • Move Funds from Reserve to Open Positions
  • Fine tuning any other settings necessary to keep your Hopper running at optimal performance!

Hottest NFT Projects

Although most of the NFTs we see today exist on the blockchains’ of big-name projects like Ethereum and Solana, many digital artists and developers are opening up to the idea of building on the platforms of some of the lesser-known projects. Not only is it more affordable to mint NFTs on these alternative blockchains, but in many ways, it may even prove to be more advantageous!

Tezos is a fantastic example of a smart contract platform with some real NFT potential! A good number of corporations have recently announced that they will be, or already are minting NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. Some of the most notable corporations that have agreed to build their digital products on the Tezos blockchain include McLaren Racing, Red Bull Racing Honda, and the videogame production company Ubisoft. In fact, Ubisoft is not only building on Tezos, but is also validating transactions on the Tezos network by staking XTZ.

Be sure to Tune in Next Week!

Killer Whale will be hosting an AMA event every week on Sundays, at 3:00PM GMT-6! We will be releasing different questions and topics for the next AMA over the course of the week; however, feel free to ask whatever questions you would like! If you miss any of these AMAs, all of them are documented under the AMA recap tab, under news and articles, on the Killer Whale Website.

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