Give the Gift of Crypto for the Holidays


CryptoHopper is now offering gift cards, which users can send to their friends and family! There are many different options for CryptoHopper gift cards, varying in both price and duration. users can also make their own custom gift cards.

Give the Gift of Crypto for the Holidays

CryptoHopper has just added a unique new feature: Gift Cards! Users can now send a variety of CryptoHopper gift cards to one another. Whether you would like to gift an existing user with a few free months of service, or introduce someone to the world of cryptocurrency and bot trading for the first time, CryptoHopper has made it much easier to do exactly that! Killer Whale is all about giving the gift of crypto for the holidays, or for any other occasion!

Different Types of Gift Cards

CryptoHopper is offering a variety of different gift cards. Users will have the option to buy gift cards for different types of subscriptions, as well as gift cards which are preloaded with CryptoHopper credits. Gift cards for subscriptions can come in different lengths, spanning from 1 month, to one year.

CryptoHopper is also offering users the opportunity to make their own custom gift cards. The number of credits, type of subscription, and duration can all be determined by the creator. Creators can also choose the basic image format of the card and include a personalized message if they are so inclined.

gift card creator.png

gift card creator2.png

You can send the gift cards to your friends and family via email. In order to activate/validate a gift card, simply create and/or sign into a CryptoHopper account, then navigate to the “Giftcards” tab under “Marketplace.”

gift card creator 3.png

Killer Whale Products

If you are considering buying CryptoHopper gift cards for your friends or family members, be sure to help them get started the right way, by introducing them to Killer Whale Signals and Strategies ! New traders in particular benefit greatly from expert guidance, therefore Killer Whale is a great place to start for anyone who is just getting into Cryptohopper. Regardless of our users’ level of experience, there is a Killer Whale Product that is right for you! Our Killer Whale Products Page has everything from a Killer Whale free strategy that outperforms many other paid strategies, all the way to Elite Signals , which utilizes a combination of hand placed signals, combined with a three bot configuration designed to gain BTC ETH and USDT!

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