Gearing up for the Next AMA (On 01/16/2022)


Killer Whale has begun hosting regular AMA, or Ask me Anything events! During these events, our Whale Pod can ask us any question regarding Killer Whale, or anything else relating to crypto or investing. On the 16th of this month, we would like to discuss Central Bank Digital Currencies, Ethereum 2.0, and DeFi interoperability.

Gearing up for the Next AMA (On 01/16/2022)

One of the latest and greatest ways that the Killer Whale team is interacting with our users is through our weekly AMA (Ask me Anything) events! These AMAs are a great opportunity for our Whale Pod to interact directly with the Killer Whale team, in a live audio streamed, open discussion forum via Discord! We encourage our entire community to participate in our AMA events, as it is a great opportunity for all of us to form a greater bond with one another, by discussing a variety of topics! Anyone who would like to participate in our Killer Whale AMAs is free to do so. No matter what your experience level is, or which Killer Whale Signals and Strategies you are using, we would love you to join us in each of our weekly discussions!

Upcoming Topics

Of course, anyone who participates in our weekly AMA events is more than welcome to ask any question they may have regarding any of our Killer Whale products, or anything that is happening in crypto. We would like to set the pace of each week’s discussion by proposing a few various topics that we believe matter the most to the entire crypto community, as well as the Killer Whale Pod!

Listed below are some of the topics that we would like to focus on, during our next AMA event.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

  • Will CBDCs become more common than fiat currencies?

  • What are some of the benefits/concerns regarding CBDCs?

Ethereum 2.0

  • How will this make Ethereum more competitive?

DeFi interoperability

  • Polkadot PLOs vs Ethereum 2.0


We are excited to hear what you think about any of these topics! Be sure to check out the entire Killer Whale website to discover the Killer Whale Signals and Strategies that are right for you!

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